Pecan Grove Peanut Plus - for Peanuts

A manganese product containing nitrogen, sulfur, boron and copper.
Excel Nuts Nickel Plus® - for Pecans

For the correction and prevention of mouse ear on pecans and to reduce nut drop in June and improve disease resistance to scab. Two applications per season are recommended. The first spray for the correction and prevention of mouse ear and reduced nut drop; the second application improves disease resistance to scab.
Parachute Nickel CBM - for Pecans

Similiar to Nickel Plus but with trace amounts of Copper, Boron and Molybdenum
Small Pecan Tree Nickel ZM2 - for nursery, new transplants, and non-bearing Pecan trees

Contains nickel, zinc, manganese and molybdenum
Pecan Grove Nickel MSC - for Peanuts and other Legumes

This is a manganese, sulphur and copper product with nickel added.

To increase root mass, nodulation, disease resistance to rust, and yield. Improved nickel nutrition of peanuts grown for seed can improve seed germination of saved seed.

Nickel MSC can be used in a balanced fertility program where supplemental micronutrient nutrition may improve growth, quality, disease resistance and yield. Improved nickel nutrition has been shown to increase disease resistance to rust.

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